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Winter Olympics 2026 Application
by Stockholm–Åre in Sweden

Because of the wide range of sports covered in the Winter Olympics the Stockholm–Åre's bid requires multiple venues. Sweden already has a great winter sports infrastructure with amazing venues many of which require vey little upgrading. In fact over 90% of what is required is already in place and the only new build would be an ice-skating rink and ski area.

Sweden Winter Olympics 2026

Sports and Locations

Alpine Events

The Skiing and Snowboarding events would be held mostly in the region of Åre with some events taking place in Stockholm’s Hammarbybacken. In February 2019 Alpine World Cup ski races were held in Åre and Hammarbybacken.

Events to be covered in 2026

Ice Sports

Nordic Events

These would be held in Falun as they already have the necessary ski jumps. The Nordic combined would also be held there. The general cross-country skiing could also be held in Falun but it is most likely that it would be in Stockholm, Bisslinge or Hamra,

Sliding Sports

Sweden has no facilities for these sports and a collaboration has been established with Sigulda in Latvia where their track for bobsleigh, luge and skeleton only requires some renovation work.

Visit Stockholm–Åre for more information on Sweden's bid for the Winter Olympics in 2026

Winter Olympics 2026

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Congratulations to Milan–Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy, chosen for the Winter Olympics in 2026 as announced on 24 June 2019.

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