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This site was set up in 2003 as a joke but also to highlight one of the bizarre possible side effects of global warming. Since that time climate change has become a hot topic for all responsible governments. The site hasn't been updated much since 2003 and we would like to invite readers to send us links to articles of interest. Contact

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Global Warming and Ireland

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  • Scientists spot warning signs of Gulf Stream collapse. It has been known for a long time that the Gulf Stream has never flowed at a constant rate and has even stopped altogether many times in the Earth's history. This article highlights recent research that shows it might be closer to collapse then previously thought and could happen in the next 10 to 50 years. The climate is very close to and may even have passed many irreversible tipping points. A dramatic slow down of the gulf stream is one such tipping point and would have very serious consequences, one of which is much colder winters for Ireland, the UK and Europe.
  • Could climate change shut down the Gulf Stream? - The melting of ice in Greenland will change the density of water which will sink and this can affect the " thermohaline circulation" of the Gulf Stream. In time this could shutdown the circulation completely leading to regional cooling that would affect Ireland and the UK. However this article suggests that because of the continued warming of the earth due to greenhouse gas emissions, it would probably not produce another Ice Age.
  • Ireland's Ice Age - A frozen Shannon, white Christmas and icy noses. If the Gulf Stream current stopped we could always have freezing winters like those in Siberia, writes Dick Ahlstrom.
  • How likely is the prospect of another little ice age? - Michael Viney

  • Will Marine Currents Change? - Jean-Marc Jancovici
  • Triggering abrupt climate change. Can global warming cause an 'Ice Age'? - Dr Robert B Gagosian
  • Wikipedia - Gulf stream
  • BBC - Climate crisis: All change in the UK?
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    Guardate i links qui di seguito per leggere i articoli a proposito del possibile effetto del riscaldamento globale sull clima dell'Irlanda. Vedrete alora, che non è tanto stupido di imaginare un tempo dove i giochi olimpici d'inverno potrete essere tenuti in'Irlanda.

    Per favore, facete noi sapere se un link cambia o se augurate fare un scambio di links con noi

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    Ci-dessous, des liens pour des articles sur le possible effet du réchauffement planétaire sur le climat futur de l'Irlande. Vous verrez alors qu'il n'est pas si farefelu d'imaginer un temps où les Jeux Olympiques d'Hiver pourront être tenus en irlande.

    S'il vous plaît, veuillez-nous informer si l'un de ces liens à changer ou si vous souhaitez faire un échange de lien avec nous.

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    Folgen Sie den unten stehenden Links und lesen Sie die Artikel über den möglichen Einfluss der globalen Erwärmung auf die Zukunft des irischen Klimas. Dann werden Sie sehen, dass es gar nicht so weit hergeholt ist, sich eine Winterolympiade im Westen Irlands vorzustellen.

    Lassen Sie es uns bitte wissen, falls sich irgendwelche dieser Links ändern oder falls Sie einen eigenen Link hinzufügen möchten.

    Winter Olympics 2026

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    Congratulations to Milan–Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy, chosen for the Winter Olympics in 2026 as announced on 24 June 2019.

    See a list of the other applicants that had expressed an interest in holding the 2026 Winter Olympics.